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From the experience of our partners - experts in smart lighting - there are several possible approaches to implementing remote wireless lighting control using IQRF technology, considering the speed and cost of the solution.
The MICRORISC company offers IQRF wireless controllers for connection to lighting fixtures (IQRF lighting bridge - suitable for indoor and emergency lighting, controllers with NEMA/Zhaga connectors - suitable for street lamps), as well as IQRF transceivers. The company supplies the basic control software for commissioning and controlling the network of lights from the gateway. It also offers network management from the IQRF cloud.
We can connect customers to our expert cloud software partners who can help with a quick and smooth start with the cloud solution. We care about our customers, we provide training and consultations, and we can advise on optimal configuration and network design. We offer custom development if a customer wants to integrate IQRF technology directly into their luminaires.

    1) in bulk - using the Autonetwork function
    Place the device - the light fixtures - in the final location. Then, start the Autonetwork function from the gateway, which automatically adds devices to the network and performs discovery and optimization of the network topology.
    The device must have the same access password set as the gateway. It is possible to work with the default password, which the network administrator can change remotely after connecting the device to the network, or when ordering IQRF controllers/transceivers, it is possible to agree on what configuration will be prepared on the devices from the factory. You can also securely transfer your password to devices using a tool with NFC.
    2) individually - using the Smart Connect function or using e.g. a button or a magnetic contact
    The network administrator gradually adds devices - lighting fixtures - to the network, systematically labels them, and writes the planned location into the map base. He will then hand over the deployment documents to the installation workers. Once deployed to the final site, he will run the network topology discovery and optimization function from the gateway.
    1) If you created the network manually and systematically marked light fixtures with labels, and the installer placed them at the predetermined final location, then you know in advance where which light fixture will be. A disadvantage may be the possibility of incorrect placement.
    2) If you used the automatic network construction using Autonetwork to create a network, the device can then be identified (remotely or locally) and the location can be saved on the map. This approach requires the work of field workers.
    3) If the light is equipped with GPS, this can be used to easily find the exact location. The disadvantage may be the price of GPS, the advantage is the saving of human labor and the quick and precise placement of lights.
    1) Locally from the gateway - we supply basic software for connecting lights, their monitoring, and control, including basic timers. It is suitable for smaller networks. The control software runs on the gateway, it can be adapted to the customer's needs, or the customer can write his software.
    2) Remotely from the cloud - we offer the IQRF cloud, which enables remote management of a lighting network. The software can be customized to the customer's wishes and needs. The customer can also write his software, with which we can help if necessary.


In the video below, we briefly demonstrate how to connect the IQRF wireless controller to the light fixture, introduce the basic IoT functions of the IQRF gateway, show secure password transfer using NFC, network construction using Autonetwork, controlling lights from the gateway software and basic timer settings.


In the video below you can see how easily you can wirelessly control a light connected to the IQRF Lighting Bridge.

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